Fresh Tips - 4 Classic Baby Games

4 Classic Baby Games

Even though your baby’s very young, he can still play! Here are five classic baby games—with surprising benefits.


Your baby will start to react to peekaboo much earlier than you’d think. It can even be a way to get the attention of a crying baby. It’s a fun, silly game, but it’s also teaching your baby object permanence. He’s learning that just because he can’t see an object doesn’t mean it isn’t there.

Tummy Time

Some babies like playing on the floor—others hate it! When babies sleep on their backs and can’t yet roll over, they don’t learn to push up and crawl as quickly. Putting them on their tummies for several minutes every day gives them the opportunity to strengthen their arms and chests. To make tummy time fun for reluctant babies, get down on the floor with them as soon as you put them down. Make eye contact, silly sounds, and engage them with a fun toy.


Countless studies show the positive effects of music on babies and children. Music calms them, promotes growth, and enhances brain development. Best of all, from a parent standpoint, it’s fun! You don’t have to chose lullabies. Play or sing the music you like best. Guitar distortion can even serve as white noise for a colicky baby!


Sometimes, you can feel silly reading to a very young baby who doesn’t yet understand the words. Get over that feeling by reading your baby whatever you like to read, whether it’s a magazine or the newspaper! Reading aloud to your baby is like talking—it teaches him communication skills. Cuddling while reading will eventually teach your baby to have a positive association with books.

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