Fresh Tips - 5 Things To Do With A Baby Blanket

5 Things To Do With A Baby Blanket

As a new mom, you may wonder why you’re getting so many receiving blankets as gifts. They seem to multiply. Even though they’re light, flexible and easy to wash, you can’t drape thirty blankets over a sleeping baby! Here are 5 receiving blanket ideas to help you get the most mileage out of all those baby blankets.

1. Burp Cloth

Burp cloths aren’t always handy, but receiving blankets are. Drape one over your shoulder and burp baby worry-free. They’re also soft enough to wipe baby’s face afterwards.

2. Swaddling

Swaddling offers numerous health benefits, including calming newborn heartbeats and improving early sleep issues. It’s popular among a variety of cultures because it really works! The best swaddling blankets are relatively large, light, and breathable. For more swaddling tips, check out our swaddling resource page.

3. Stroller Sunshade

Many parents use receiving blankets to protect their babies from hot sun or wind in strollers and carriers. Do check on the baby regularly! If you’re at all worried about safety, this site offers plush stroller clips to secure the blanket.

4. Car Seat Shield

It gets hot inside parked cars in the summer, and your baby’s car seat heats up accordingly. Those metal buckles can really get hot. Here’s a preventative receiving blanket tip—when you leave the car, drape a receiving blanket over the car seat. It’ll stay much cooler and the metal won’t get hot in the sun.

5. Tummy Time

Since it’s best that babies sleep on their backs, they don’t get enough time strengthening their arms and chests by pushing up. Doctors recommend starting tummy time as early as birth, to give babies a chance to get strong. Plop your baby down on a clean blanket on the floor and get started! (Visit our baby games page for other fun baby activities!)

Extra Credit:

Save your favorite baby blankets and clothes. When baby’s outgrown them, you can have them made into a memory quilt!

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