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Baby Names Guide

Sure, you have the usual suspects – baby name databases and books. Looking through lists of names can be exhausting, though, and name debates can get heated fast. Here are some ideas for keeping the name search fun!

Mine your family history

Take a look at your family tree, as far back as it goes. Do you have a relative who’s into genealogy? That’s a great source of old, rare first or middle names. They’ll be unique but still have meaning to you.

Remember your relationship

Did you and your partner meet in Madison? Get married in August? Your personal history is also a great source for name ideas that will be important to both of you. They’ll also make a great name story for your baby to tell one day!

Add (your) personality

Consider your tastes and interests. What’s your favorite color? If it’s blue, for example, you can look up synonyms ranging from Beryl to Royal. Jazz fans can go classic with Ella or daring with Coltrane. An Olive, Ginger, or Pippin might suit a foodie’s tastes.

Use technology

For a fun way to vet the names on your list, check out Baby Name Wizard The tool tracks name popularity over time. It’s a great way to decide whether you want your child to be the only Beulah in her class or one of four Olivias.

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