Fresh Tips - Baby Shower Gift Guide For Newbies

Baby Shower Gift Guide For Newbies

The Olympics have not yet recognized baby shower gift opening as a competitive sport. They probably should. Everyone wants to give the new mom something that makes everyone at the shower gasp with delight (and envy that they didn’t think of it first). But gift registries don’t leave much room for creativity. No one oohs over a family-size box of baby wipes! Here are five fun baby gifts your friend will actually use—that are bound to get you the baby shower kudos you deserve.

They Registered For: Onesies

It sounds ridiculous, but a seven-pound newborn can go through 5 to 10 onesies in a day (if not a morning). When babies are so new, onesies are all they wear. Newborn-sized jeans and tiny leather jackets are cute, but it takes no effort to slap a cute onesie on a newborn.

Buy: Funny Onesies

Express your creativity with a funny onesie, tailored to the parents’ personality, of course. (Not every mom will laugh at a Spit Happens onesie.) Everybody’s favorite cute T-shirt storefront, Threadless, makes adorable onesies sporting some of their favorite designs.

Buy: Lovely Onesies

Tea Collection onesies are made in fabrics inspired by the founders’ global travels. They’re made from organic fabric and easy to wash. Plus, simply put, they’re gorgeous.

They Registered For: Blankets

Like onesies, baby blankets are incredibly necessary and useful. They end up serving as everything from burpers to sunshades to, in a pinch, changing pads.

Buy: Baby’s First Blankie

Tourance blankets just may become baby’s special blankie. They’re unbelievably soft, machine-washable, and come in a ton of colors and styles, not just pink and blue, so you can express your personality and mom’s. They even come in animal prints!

Buy: Waterproof Baby Coverup

For practical wows, grab this super-cool waterproof baby blanket. These cool blankies attach to pretty much any baby gear from front carriers to strollers. The material’s super-soft on one side, and waterproof on the other, to protect baby from the elements. They come in traditional prints and colors, as well as more modern prints like the NYC skyline.

They registered for: Baby socks

Baby socks are wee and cute, but they’re the disposable tissue of the baby world—seriously, they’re around only a little longer than baby wipes. They get lost instantly.

Buy: Leg Warmers

These days, moms have started embracing their inner Flashdance and buying baby leg warmers. These are both hilarious and useful—they keep baby’s legs warm without getting in the way of diaper changes. Did we mention they also look hilarious? Crawler Covers come in tons of prints and designs and will keep chubby baby legs nice and toasty. (Note: if you’re crafty, these are super easy to knit. This gorgeous site has lots of other incredible baby projects for gifting.)

They registered for: No registry!

What do you get for the new mom who didn't tell you what she wants?

Buy: Delivery gift certificate

Ideally, you’d take your friends out to dinner after the baby’s born, but it may be a while (18 years?) before they’re up to dining out. In the meantime, give them the gift of tasty delivery. They won’t have to worry about lining up babysitting for a tiny baby, or even put on clean pants. Many cities offer local restaurant delivery services (google “restaurant delivery [your friend’s town]”). Most of these services have gift certificates for sale. Don’t worry if your friend’s city isn’t covered—hit up their local pizza shop. Even free pizza is…free pizza!

They registered for: Diaper cream, baby shampoo, and other necessities.

No one wants to show up with a bag full of random baby supplies.

Buy: A Citrus Lane subscription

Your friend is trying to learn everything about being a mom right now. Sometimes, that’s pretty hard, since there are so many questions. What’s the best baby lotion? When will my baby be ready for solids? Each month, a Citrus Lane gift subscription will send her a carefully picked box tailored to her baby’s age. Citrus Lane boxes contain everything from baby products to toys and even the occasional treat! And we never pay for placement. You can even ship the first box to your house, so you can take it to the baby shower and enjoy those shower gift kudos yourself.

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