Fresh Tips - Baby Proofing Quick Start Guide

Baby Proofing Quick Start Guide

Is your baby starting to move around? That means you need to start protecting her from household hazards (and herself!). It’s very easy to get swept up in buying everything from drawer guards to doorknob locks, but many baby proofing items are either unnecessary or easy for baby to disable. Here are some quick-start tips, along with our most-used baby proofing tools.

The Safe Zone

Baby proofing can be a huge project. It’s best to start small. Baby proof your baby’s favorite play areas right away. (You’ll get to the garage and guest bedroom later!) This creates a Safe Zone where your baby can play—and you won’t worry. Inside the Safe Zone, put away any breakables and household cleaners. Move your phone, your keys, and the remote to higher ground, and get used to keeping them there.


You could buy enough baby proofing gear for every item in your house, but you don’t need to! For now, we suggest baby proofing essentials that address things the baby can actually reach.

  • Electrical outlets are at baby’s eye level, so replace existing outlet plates with these sliding covers. They don’t have to be removed every time you use the plug.
  • If baby’s on the floor with computer cords, invest in a power strip cover to keep baby away from plugs. They also protect the power strip from being suddenly shut off by the baby!
  • Use safety gates to keep baby inside the Safe Zone—and away from dangerous places like the kitchen or stairs.

The quickest start!

We love a great tip we’ve heard: when visiting, or traveling, bring along a roll of painter’s tape to cover outlets and keep low drawers closed. This can also work at home in a pinch, until you can get your baby proofing gear! (via Parent Hacks)

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