Fresh Tips - 5 Apps For Babies and New Moms

5 Apps For Babies and New Moms

If you used apps before to organize and simplify your life, you’ll know there are thousands of apps for new moms. We like these because they’re simple, easy-to-use, and highly rated by experts.

Baby’s Home: What’s New (iPod, iPad, iPhone Touch)

You have a million questions every day. This new parent app promises to be there with the answers, every time. It’s based on a best-selling DVD of the same name, and offers quick-loading videos about a variety of new mom concerns. (via Cool Mom Tech)

BabyPhone Deluxe (Android, iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch)

Finally, a baby monitor app for smartphones! Leave your phone or iPad in the baby’s room, and it’ll call you on a second phone when he starts crying. It will record any sounds in your baby’s room, and you can even send the recordings by email. Unlike conventional baby monitors, it has unlimited range because you’re using a phone! (via Bounce Energy)

Baby Shusher (Android, iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch)

Many parents find that playing white noise calms babies—researchers think it mirrors the way sounds filter through to babies in the womb. The problem with white noise is that it’s not always around exactly where and when you need it. This baby white noise app is as handy as your smartphone or iPad. (via The iPhone Mom)

Baby Smart Cards (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch)

There aren’t many newborn baby apps, so we were excited to see this one! This baby app displays high-contrast black-and-white images, which are the easiest for small babies to see. Once baby gets older, you can point out what the line-drawn images are—animals, shapes, and famous people like Miles Davis and Albert Einstein! (via The AppQueen)

Trixie Tracker (Android, iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch)

This isn’t an app as much as a website specially optimized for mobile use (so, if you’re using an iPod Touch, you’ll need an Internet connection). Created by a new dad, Trixie Tracker allows you to keep track of all those little things you’re juggling these days—feedings, diaper changes, and even medicine. Over time, you’ll be able to tell whether baby’s eating regularly and gaining weight. Right now, you can keep track of the last time baby ate, and which side he nursed on!

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